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    Welcome to Surabhi A2 milk
    We are a dairy brand in Bangalore, India.
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    Choosing A2 milk
    is best lifestyle choice!
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    Feel the Purity and Freshness
    Drinking Pure Desi Milk of Gir, Sahiwal, Malnad Gidda Cows
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    A2 Cow Milk
    Organic Milk in Bangalore

About Us

Hello Folks, Welcome to SurabhiA2milk, we are a dairy brand in Bangalore, India. A2 cow milk is obtained from a native breed of cattle. Hence it is called as the Pure Desi Cow milk.

The protein composition of A2 cow milk (complete detail here) is explained in the link. But for the start of a healthy lifestyle including the right milk, you must be aware about the adulteration in your milk and the availibility of the pure milk.

We Are Nearer to Nature

Natural Farming

Agroforestry is the best farming method for India

Farm fresh milk

All the milk comes from the same farm and from the pure native breed of cows unlike collective farm milk!

Healthy cows. Healthy milk

All Surabhi cows are naturally let out to graze and stay healthy

Door-step Delivery

Door-step Delivery

Video Presentation