About Us

Hello Folks, Welcome to SurabhiA2milk, we are a dairy brand in Bangalore, India. A2 cow milk is obtained from a native breed of cattle.

Hence it is called as the Pure Desi Cow milk.

The protein composition of A2 cow milk (complete detail here) is explained in the link. But for the start of a healthy lifestyle including the right milk, you must be aware about the adulteration in your milk and the availibility of the pure milk.

Why choose A2 milk Over A1 Milk?
If you are comfortable drinking the milk from the conventional cows( the usual black-and-white cows) and think that is the best milk. Then you are wrong.

Let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time, all cow milk was A2 milk. The name A2 cow milk is used prefixing the type of beta-casein protein present in the cow’s milk.

But humans, with our greed, we started an intervention in the breeding process of the cows.

Large Holstein -Friesian cows were inter-bred with the pure Asian native breed of cows leading to a new breed of cattle.

This new breed was producing a large quantity of milk due to induced growth hormones and antibiotics feed. The dairy business started flourishing.

But on the contrary, there was a mutation in the cows, the genetics changed!

There was an alteration in the protein type and a new element called histamine or BCM-7 was present in the milk. This is the devil in the milk.

This BCM-7 cannot be digested by the human digestive system, it then releases into the bloodstream.

Health Effects of Consuming A1 Milk

Danger alert- Many diseases have been associated with this BCM-7

  • Type1 Diabetes
  • SIDs- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • Autism( known to increase the effect in kids)
  • Early maturation in female kids
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Heart diseases
  • Bloating and diarrhea

Gosh! Milk isn’t as healthy as it is supposed to be.

We, at Surabhi, realized this and started a mission to deliver the best real milk to our customers. This is to provide a safe and healthiest milk to the coming generations! Hence we are bringing back the milk that our forefathers termed to be the healthiest. A2 cow milk, Bangalore!