Why A2 Milk

why a2 milk

A2 Cow milk is a naturally obtained cows milk from a pure breed of cattle. In-fact. before domesticating cows, all cows produced A2 milk only! But as humans found ways to increase milk production

  • By inducing growth hormones and antibiotics to the cows
  • By cross-breeding HF cows with the Asian breeds

The quantity of milk surely increased but with higher side-effects and lower quality milk. If you have milk in your fridge and you didn’t order A2 milk, then that is definitely A1 milk(cross-bred, hormone induced milk)

They aren’t healthy– The milk in your fridge

Drinking milk, from generations is more like a tradition, imbibed and inculcated in every household as a health drink.

To understand this, a little back-up story that starts on the farm.

Desi cows such as Tharpakar, red Sinndhi, Sahiwal, Rathi, and Gir; these are the Pure Indian breed which are farm fed with no additional hormones added, the cows have a healthier diet grazing in the pastures.

These cows were domesticated over 10,000 years and the milk obtained from it is of supreme quality, more healthier with no side-effects.
How did A1 Cows become more common?

A few years ago, there was human intervention in the breeding of cows to obtain more milk, and, Holstein Friesians cows were crossbred with the Asian breed which resulted in more milk but with a reduced quality.

Why are they named A1 and A2 milk?

To understand this, there is a need for us to study the milk composition and where it is derived from.

Composition of Milk

  • Milk contains 80 percent of water
  • 15 % of solids such as proteins, sugar lactose, minerals, vitamins and fat
  • In that protein, 80 percent is the beta-casein protein and 20 % is whey protein
  • The beta casein to be A1 or A2 type will depend on whether the milk is produced by the desi cow or the normal breed that went through mutation

Regular milk contains both the variants of proteins, A1 and A2 while Desi cows are full of beta-casein A2. Hence the name A2 cow milk is used. They are naturally produced, healthiest form of cow milk.

Health Benefits Of A2 Cow Milk

Our bodies react differently to A1 type protein and A2 type protein. That happens in the gut.

Once the milk is digested in the small intestine, the proteins break down into peptides and get absorbed into the human body as amino acids.

But in the A1 protein chain, these peptides don’t break down and remains as BCM 7- i.e beta-casomorphin-7 is hard to digest.

People have reported having a bloated stomach, diarrhea, inflammation after consuming milk which are the symptoms attributed to Lactose Intolerant patients.

But Doctors has a say that maybe these people are BCM-7 intolerant rather than lactose intolerant.
This results in various diseases, indigestion, autism, cancer. They call this BCM-7 as the devil in the milk.

Devil In The Milk– BCM-7

So what is this exactly
Our human body is capable of digesting the milk (A2) very well as the beta-casein breaks down into peptides which in-turn breaks down into amino acids and easily gets digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, some amino acids get excreted by the body as well. Now,

  • When two amino acids are joined together, they are called peptides.
  • If more than 50 amino acids are linked together, they are called proteins.
  • These protein chains are long and are capable of folding themselves.
  • The beta-casein protein in the milk has 209 amino acids joined together. A1 and A2 type of beta-casein are formed due to the variation at the 67th position.
  • A1 type beta-casein has histidine in the 67th position.
  • A2 type beta-casein has proline in the 67th position.
  • Usually, these BCMs convert into inactive dipeptides once they are reacted with opioids. Except for BCM-7 which converts into histamine and releases into the bloodstream.

Histamine causes intra-gastric issues, diabetes type 1, inflammation, diarrhea, vomiting, breathing problems, which are the symptoms attributed to Lactose intolerance.

Scientists are experimenting and mostly have concluded that there might be higher chances of a person being A1 intolerant i.e casein intolerant rather than lactose intolerance. One of them is Keith Woodford , a doctor from Newzealand has done a lot of experiment on this and even authored a book.

He named it as “Devil in the Milk” Referring to BCM-7 found in the A1 milk which causes chronic illness in people who are intolerant to milk.

Scientific Experiment to back the theory

Scientists experimented on Chinese subjects, putting them on a diet with Beta Casein A1 and A2 type. The results were an eye-opener.

It was a 14 day trial. After which the subjects came in with symptoms of bloated stomach, gastrointestinal problems, and diarrhea. All the symptoms attributed to lactose intelrant patients. But the people consuming A2 milk actually didn’t have these problems.

This experiment helped scientists to affirm that BCM-7 might be the real culprit and some people are A1 milk intolerant rather than lactose.

The conclusion of the experiment is elaborated in the link.

Note: If you are lactose intolerant, you can try drinking A2 milk and see the difference, if not please consult your dietician about this.

  • Hence Consuming A2 milk is good for the gut.
  • The A2 protein found in cows is very similar to human breast-milk, goat and buffalo.
  • There are no side effects.
  • Absence of BCM-7 only saves you from the prominent health issues.
  • A2 cows aren’t induced with growth hormones or antibiotics to have a residue affecting your health.

This is why we need to get back to our roots, to our healthier choice of milk where cows are farm fed and are of pure breed.

And that desi milk is what we are all deprived of today!

Health issues arising from consuming A1 milk

Some of the common issues are mainly concerned with Indigestion and bloating which is the instant after effects that the body experiences. Some people rule this out as lactose intolerance but they might be A1 milk intolerant. On a longer timescale, Consuming A1 milk might lead to

Type 1 Diabetes

This kind of diabetes is an autoimmune disease wherein the immune cells starts attacking the cells in children. There is a low production of insulin in the body.

The factors responsible for the disease is often both genetic and environmental. The external factors mainly depend on the diet.

The kids consuming A1 milk is diagnosed with A1 Diabetes and research have shown that even the quantity of the milk consumed also matters. Higher the intake, higher the chances of being a victim to the disease.

But, the study also suggests that only milk cannot be a direct cause of the disease. Anyway, consuming A2 milk is better as the research shows no signs of diabetes in the subjects who consumed A2 cow milk.

Autism in kids

Autism is a disease with lower communication, social skills, and repetitive behavior.

When there was a test taken from the urine samples of the infants suffering from autism, the BCM-7 residue was found. Which delayed the sensory activities in these kids.

In the experiment, the autism infants who were put on A2 milk diet showed a larger response and had a better growth compared to the A1 milk-fed infants.

Nowadays, doctors recommend pares of autistic kids to start A2 milk diet as to refrain the side effects of BCM-7 in the bloodstream

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The BCM-7 that is not digestible by the human body reacts with opioid receptors converts to histamine and releases into the bloodstream.

Histamine is known to cause vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and low gut activity in some people after consumption of milk.

This is ruled out as lactose intolerance but doctors say that this might not be the cause in all the cases. People might be BCM-7 intolerant. This can be solved by including the A2 cow milk in the diet.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome- SIDs

This syndrome is attributed to infants who die and the cause of death is uncertain in most of the cases. Sleep apnea is one cause that doctors can point at.

But when these infants were tested, there were high levels of BCM-7 present in the blood streams.

The probability is that the mothers initiated the bottled formula milk instead of breast milk might also be the reason.

Hence please breastfeed your baby up until six months exclusively.

Heart Diseases

There was a study on rabbits in the cholesterol levels. The rabbits that were fed with A1 type protein were at higher risk with high cholesterol.

The rabbits on A2 protein diet showed no such symptoms of high cholesterol.

But this study was not on humans and hence cannot generalize it. There are cases showing that people with heart disease sure showed higher traces of BCM-7 in the bloodstream.

Nobody knew that milk that we consume on a daily basis might be the reason for such diseases.
Just imagine there if there is a difference in just a single peptide, where from converting from pristine to histidine, this mutation can cause such major health effects. It is better to save our family from the risks.
Hence consumption of A2 milk is far healthier, safe, pure and of superior quality.